Programme Aim

Cheshire Phoenix are working with schools across Cheshire to help promote a healthy lifestyle through the Hoops4Health Programme.

The aim of Hoops4Health is for professional basketball players to act as role models to deliver the programme using basketball to communicate to primary school children the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Programme Structure

Stage 1 –   Roadshow:

The Hoops4Health Roadshow incorporates three stations: healthy eating, smoking cessation and basketball skills delivered by the Cheshire Phoenix Basketball professional players.  Each child taking part in the Roadshow receives a free ticket to one of our home games at the Cheshire Oaks Arena.

Stage 2 – Coaching:

Each school receives three hours of basketball coaching delivered by a Level 2 Basketball Coach.

Stage 3 – Tournament:

The schools are invited to participate in a tournament prior to a pro game with the semi-final taking place at half time of the pro game.  All players taking part in the tournament receive a free ticket to the pro game.

Stage 4 – Tournament Final:

The winning team from each tournament will be invited back to a final tournament to determine the overall Hoops4Health Tournament winner.

If you are interested in being part of the Hoops4Health Programme, please contact:

Working with schools

If you are interested in being part of the Hoops4Health Programme, please contact:

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