Programme Background

The North West of England and North Wales has been for many years a black spot for coronary heart disease, it also has the highest percentage of adult obesity by region in England-particularly women.

Younger generations are increasingly at risk, the British Heart Foundation states a quarter of children watch 4 hours of television a day, and only a third of schools offer 2 hours of PE a week.

Coronary heart disease is now three times higher among unskilled men than amongst professions and the gap has widened sharply in the last 20 years.

Programme Aim

To provide a healthy living programme with professional sporting role models, using basketball as an activity to convey a range of positive health messages to young people in Primary Schools, including the importance of keeping physically active and eating healthily.

Programme Structure

Stage 1 Road show
Stage 2 Coaching
Stage 3 Regional tournament
Stage 4 Tournament finals
Stage 5 National finals

Working with schools

The Nix are working with over 200 schools in the Cheshire area to help promote a healthy lifestyle. If you are interested in being part of our program or to find out more please contact

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