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Getting to know Sehill Mouliom

by Daniel Brown

Last month, Cheshire Phoenix announced the news that French small-forward Sehill Mouliom would be joining the roster for the 2020/21 BBL season. I had the pleasure of speaking to the 23-year-old ahead of his move to the EPSV.

Mouliom, who most recently attended Malone University, had an outstanding senior-year. The forward featured 30 times for the Pioneers throughout the season (starting 30) and averaged 13 points, 1.3 assists and 4.9 rebounds a game.

During his senior-year at Malone, Mouliom shot a team-high 58.4% from the field for the season (156-for-267) and averaged 17.8 points-per-game over the final six games of his career. Furthermore, he ranked second in the G-MAC with 65 total offensive rebounds and ended third in the G-MAC in field goal percentage.

Starting his career at the tender age of 16 means Mouliom already has plenty of basketball under his belt, but with his first season as a pro fast approaching, how is the Frenchman feeling about the prospect of starting his professional career?

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Well, I asked our latest signing exactly that! I also asked him if he preferred tea or coffee, what he is most excited about doing in Cheshire and what his aims are for the season.

I also asked him if you eat or drink soup…

Sehill, congratulations on securing your move to the Nix! How does it feel to get the deal over the line?

“It feels great to officially say that I’m a pro and it even feels better that it is not that far from home.”

What exactly was it that made you want to play in England and, in particular, for Cheshire Phoenix?

“I wanted to play here because I’ve heard from a lot of people that my play-style would fit the league and my cousin Karim played here before he hurt his foot and he gave me great feedback about the coaches, players and the league. That’s what made me want to play here!” 

How would you describe your play-style?

“I would say I’m an athletic and skilled player who likes to slash to the rim.”

We’ve got a mixture of new signings and returning players from last season, how excited are you to meet up with your new teammates?

“I’m really excited to meet my new teammates and looking forward to have a great season with them!”

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Once you arrive in Cheshire, what is the first thing you plan on doing?

“The first thing that I plan on doing is going to see the facilities.”

Away from basketball, do you prefer a cup-of-tea or a cup-of-coffee?

“I’m not a fan of either but if I had to choose I would say cup-of-tea.”

Are there any English foods that you’re interested in trying that you don’t have in either France or America? If so, what are they?

“I honestly don’t really know a lot about English food, but I think I would like to try Yorkshire Pudding!”

If you were having soup for your tea/dinner, would you be eating it or drinking it?

“I would be drinking it.”

What are your aims for the upcoming 2020/2021 BBL campaign?

” I would like to with the championship with my new team.”

What’s your message for the #NixNation ahead of your arrival?

“My message for the #NixNation is be ready for a great season and I’ll see you soon!”

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