Maceo is back! 

We are pleased to announce the re-signing of American forward Maceo Jack. 

Maceo joined the club part way through the season and provided us with some spectacular high flying dunks. He averaged 9.5ppg and 4.4rbs helping the team to a BBL Trophy Final and 5th place finish. 

Maceo Jack 

“I’m excited to rejoin the Phoenix for a second year. I am looking forward to building upon what we did last year and reaching new heights.  Nixnation really embraced me this past season and I can’t wait to play in front of you guys at EPSV again”

Ben Thomas 

“We’re really happy to have Maceo back with us for another season. He continued to improve as the season went on and we know he will carry on in the same way next year. Over the past month and a half Maceo has shown his versatility in playing multiple positions on floor and putting the teams needs first. This is definitely the team-first type of play”

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