Cheshire Phoenix Announce New Ticket Partnership

We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest partnership with British Basketball side Cheshire Phoenix as they choose Fanbase to take their fan experience to the next level!

The partnership with Fanbase is poised to completely transform the way fans engage, bringing forth a range of advantages and features that will enhance the Cheshire Phoenix fan experience. By embracing Fanbase’s cutting-edge technology, the organisation will provide fans with effortless avenues to acquire match and season tickets, simplifying and streamlining the ticket purchasing process via a 24/7 online platform. This seamless digital experience, accessible on IOS, Android, and browsers, ensures fans can access all they need, whenever and wherever.

By integrating Fanbase, supporters will enjoy remarkable amenities and services through our hospitality feature, not only curating an unforgettable game-day encounter for all backers but also streamlining administrative tasks for them. Additionally, the club will tap into an expanded marketing database, obtaining readily available insights to identify trends and devise targeted campaigns, further enhancing their interaction with fans.

Through Fanbase, fans can explore exclusive content such as articles and videos found on platforms like YouTube, all consolidated within a single centralised location. This will establish a vibrant digital hub where fans can deeply engage with the latest updates, news, and multimedia offerings, further cementing the connection between the club and its devoted fanbase.

Fanbase Head of Growth Jerome McCarthy commented “We are delighted to partner with Cheshire Phoenix and build upon our partnership with the British Basketball League. Cheshire Phoenix are taking steps to professionalise the set-up at the club and this is certain to benefit the staff and fans throughout the season and beyond.

The team now have all of the tools at their disposal to offer an excellent fan experience to drive engagement and grow the club even further and we look forward to supporting them along the way.”

Cheshire Phoenix General Manager James Brice

“We are pleased to have fanbase on board as the clubs new ticketing partner.  We are always looking at ways to improve and enhance our fans experience and we believe Fanbase have all the attributes to do that this season.”

**Fans can now download the Fanbase app and register through Apple/Android devices or online through a browser for the latest news with season tickets now on sale through the link below.


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